July 08, 2008

The Master Plan

Over the past few months we've poured our sweat and tears into bringing news at blog speed. We work hard to be a news forum for ordinary people to follow and to voice their opinions on anything and everything that matters. Only, there's a hitch. In all our blogging glory, we failed to get the word out because apperently Google crawler only likes the popular kids. So we've found the best way to generate traffic is to create win-win relationships with friends on the net. This way, exchanging links becomes a handy way of spreading news--one glorious blog to another. If this is your calling, leave your blog name, URL and stuff you write about (i.e. politics, entertainment, so-on), and we'll put you on our list ASAP.


michaelwong38@gmail.com said...

hey guys, just updated you on my blogroll. when you get the chance, can you addme:

URL: http://bigmoneylist.blogspot.com/
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Thanks and nice meeting you

CNEIL said...

Thanks for asking, but I really don't think that this scheme works. If you write quality content for several years Google will try to index you. If reputable blogs link to you, you will be popular.
If I were you and I really wanted gigantic traffic, I would take someone from BoingBoing out to eat or write something worthy of TechCrunch linkage.

i'm babie said...

i already added your link to mine, under the name newsmax.

hopefully, you'll add mine as well.
url: http://ybabie.blogspot.com

name: cheryll